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After becoming frustrated with existing tools in his spinal surgery practice, Jeff Kleiner, MD, founded Kleiner Device Labs in 2013, and began developing a suite of tools and techniques which allow the performance of open and minimally invasive spinal surgery to be safer, easier, and more efficacious.


Driven by a desire to improve surgical practice, Kleiner Device Labs prioritizes safety, innovation and savings of effort and cost.

In spinal surgery the stakes are high. Failed surgical fusion has a large impact on the individual, and the cost of surgical revision for a failed fusion is over $135,000. At Kleiner Device Labs, we pursue strategies that simplify surgical technique without sacrificing outcome and improve metrics for reducing risk, surgical fatigue, and operative time.

At Kleiner Device Labs we pursue designs that simplify surgical techniques and improve metrics for:

Surgical Risk

Surgeon Fatigue

Operative Time

Surgical Outcomes